Philadelphia Area Baseball will be hosting frequent clinics in October, November, and December of 2020. The clinics will be limited to no more than 12 players.

Target Audience:

The Clinics will be primarily focused on youth players. We want to help our young athletes and parents develop a foundation to be successful in Baseball or Softball. Each event will have a set age group.

Types of Clinics:

Infield: This clinic will teach the fundamentals of infield play as well as teach the parents how to monitor and improve their child as they grow and develop.

Hitting: This clinic will teach basic, aggressive movement patterns that young hitters seem to lack.

Athleticism: This clinic is designed to help your child develop foundational athletic skills and movement patterns so they can succeed in not only baseball/softball but all sports.

Pitching: Our most advanced clinic, designed to teach pitchers the art of pitching and holding runners (designed for 10-12 years of age)

Upcoming Clinics: