Our Approach

Who We Are

Kenny Koplove

2019 AAA with Rockies Organization

Drafted in 2015 by Philadelphia Phillies

Duke University starting Shortstop from 2013-2015 and closer

Single Season Save record at Duke

Pennsylvania Gatorade High School Player of the Year

Elite Infield Instructor and cutting edge Pitch Design Coach


Steve Koplove

Coached multiple travel teams that earned national rankings and/or won a national championship

Has taught 50+ athletes that went on to play college baseball and another 25+ that played professionally

One of the most renowned infield instructors in the country


Our Philosophy

Hard work from an early age produces incredible results. 

Your son isn't getting better playing Tee Ball and Coach Pitch.  As a parent you're the chauffeur, the eyes, ears, and the training partner; you need to learn and know how to guide your son through his development.

Along with tee ball and coach pitch, wouldn't you want to place your son in a fast paced mix of competitive learning and skill development that puts him in a position to blow coaches away in travel leagues and all-star tryouts for years to come?

Don't you want to know what top coaches are looking for and how to put that on display every time a ball is hit or a pitch is thrown to your son?

How do we monitor your player's progress?

With decades of experience between Philadelphia Area Baseball's trainers, we know what "it" looks like.  However, we weren't content with just the eye test.  With that in mind, Philadelphia Area Baseball went out and filled the training center with cutting edge devices that collect performance data.

Technologies Include:

  • ProBatter
  • HitTrax
  • ThrowTrax
  • Radar Guns
  • Laser Timers
  • Rapsodo
  • K-Vest
  • High Speed Cameras
  • Blast System

The pairing of experience and unbiased metrics create an environment that promotes accelerated player development.

Just take a look at some of the achievements listed below!

Our Story

Our Recent Major League Players

Mike Koplove - Arizona Diamondbacks, Cleveland Indians and 2008 United States Olympic Team

Mark DeFelice - Milwaukee Brewers

Jesse Biddle - Atlanta Braves, Seattle Mariners

Joe Harvey - New York Yankees

Our Recent Professional Draftees

Darren Fischer drafted forty-sixth round by Los Angeles Angels

Kenny Koplove drafted seventeenth round by Philadelphia Phillies

Mark Donato drafted twenty-fourth round by Kansas City Royals

Melvin Mercedes drafted sixteenth round by Oakland Athletics

Steel Russell drafted twenty-sixth round by Baltimore Orioles

Rob Swift Independent League Newark Bears

Joe Harvey drafted nineteenth round by New York Yankees

Chris Harvey free agent by Pirates

Ryan Etsell drafted fourteenth round by Los Angeles Angels

Tyler Young drafted seventh round by Tampa Bay

 Jimmy Yezzo drafted seventh round by Washington Nationals

 Alex Kowalczyk drafted twelfth round by Texas Rangers

 Ed Charlton drafted twenty-third round by Cincinnati Reds

Our Recent College Committments

Slater McCue-                 Rutgers University
Jesse Biddle-                   University of Oregon (drafted 1st round Phillies)
Jon McAllister-               University of Maryland
Jim Yezzo-                       University of Delaware
Jeff Wiand-                     Lehigh University
Mark Donato-                 Indian River Junior College
Ed Rooney-                     Bryant University
Ryan Etsell-                    Marshall University
Jordan Hill-                     George Mason
Andy Kirkland-               UNC Ashville
Tyler Young-                   Louisville University
Daniel Santiago-            Louisburg College
Darren Fischer-              Louisburg College (drafted 46th round Angels)
Joe Harvey-                    University of Pittsburgh
Dennis Mitchell-            Polk Community College
Steel Russell-                 Ohio State University
Chet Godfrey-                Felician College
Melvin Mercedes-          College of Central Florida
Brian Ruditys-                Quinnipac University
Ed Charlton -                  New Jersey Tech
Ray Toto-                        George Mason
Tomas Rivera-                College of Central Florida
Kenny Koplove-             Duke University
Brian Erb-                       Franklin and Marshall
Demetrius Jennings-     Wofford University
Mike Fitzgerald-             Northeastern University
Alex Kowalczyk-             Old Dominion University
Nick Bateman-               Winthrop University
Andrew Biggs-               Delaware Tech University
Collin McGee-                Cornell University
Ryan Dolan-                   Dickinson College
Paul Cotler-                    University of Pennsylvania
Joey Gorman-                St. Joseph’s University
Steve Volpe-                   College of New Jersey
Rob Swift-                      Gloucester Community College
Chris Harvey-                 Vanderbilt University
Al Bauer-                         Newberry College
Kevin Baxter-                 Rutgers University
Joe Lubanski-                 Yale University
Ricky Moses-                  Spartanburg
Joey Armata-                  Neuman College
Joey Casselberry-           Bloomsburg University
Eric Close-                       West Chester University