Since 1993

Why Philadelphia Area Baseball?

Kenny and Steve Koplove are tired of seeing players and parents come in with lofty aspirations, yet years behind in the skill-building race. While the three have made a name for themselves by taking young players and bridging the skill and athleticism gap, they've decided to make sure a vital development window does not close on young players. Like learning a language, working from the earliest age is the quickest way to develop athleticism and build a skill advantage.

Athleticism, skill, and handling competition must be taught at an early age to build the foundation of strong and successful sport and baseball futures. Better yet, parents will learn how to recognize proper technique and how to guide their children going forward using the same tactics that have led to dozens of Professional Baseball contracts and NCAA scholarships.

This will happen through the "How Good Is Your Player?" Evaluation

Your player will be tested on:

  • Arm strength, throwing velocity, and distance
  • Running speed and explosiveness
  • Hitting Exit Velocity and Distance
  • Pitching Velocity and Pitch Design

After compiling the results, Philadelphia Area Baseball's trainers will explain exactly where your athlete stands among their peers and what it will take for them to continue to improve.  A training regimen will be put in place to get your player on a path to reaching their potential.

Individual and Group training for fielding - hitting - pitching

Team training - Coach training also offered