Dates Available:


Basic Round Robin Information:

  • 4 games (weather permitting) over two days (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Pre-Game Infield/Outfield
  • Drop Dead 2 hour time limit per game
  • No Bat Limitations


  • 6 inning game
  • 46/60 field dimensions
  • No stealing
  • 50 pitch limit (can finish batter)
  • No head first slides
  • May bat entire line-up


  • 6 inning game
  • 46/60 field dimensions
  • Base runner can steal as ball crosses homeplate
  • 50 pitch limit (can finish batter)
  • No head first slides
  • No stealing homeplate on passed balls
  • May bat entire line-up

9u and 10u:

  • 6 inning game
  • Base runner can steal whenball crosses homeplate
  • 70 pitch limit (can finish batter)
  • Head First Slides are permitted
  • Stealing Home permitted
  • May bat entire line-up

11u and 12u:

  • 7 inning game
  • 50/70 Baseball Field
  • Wood Bat Only
  • NFHS Rules Apply
  • May bat entire line-up

Cost and Payment Method:


  • No games started, team will be refunded in full
  • Only one game completed, team will be refunded half of the fee
  • Two completed games, team will not be given a refund


Field Rules:

  • No one is permitted on the field without properly signing up through Philadelphia Area Baseball. 
  • No metal. Rubber Youth Cleats are permitted.
  • Pick Up all Trash before leaving.
  • No use of Philadelphia Area Baseball Equipment unless authorized by Philadelphia Area Baseball.
  • No loud music after 7 PM.
  • If anything is damaged on the field, immediately notify the Philadelphia Area Baseball Staff.
  • No Batting Practice of any kind before games.
  • No chewing tobacco.
  • No seeds on-field.